1. FAQ London Escorts How do I book?

For bookings on the same day: 1.Dame select and call us on the number 005000000. It is always advisable to call a second favorite, if the first should be prevented. 2.Send your data via SMS: name, address (room number), time, estimated date duration. Optional information on local conditions such as red family house or hotel bookings that the room card is needed, possibly special requests such as clothing or service. 1.You will receive from us usually within 15 min. a confirmation with the arrival time. In detail: You choose a suitable lady on our site and call us on the phone number 0175 7700 770 for the booking. Of course, we can also advise you in detail, which lady meets her preferences. Should it be a submissive lady? Blond? Big bust? Extrovert? They set the premises. Of course you can also compare yourself in peace the ladies. To filter with the filter function of the website the ladies according to their preference.

2. What if I do not like the escort lady?
Book without risk. All pictures of the escorts correspond to reality. If you still do not like the lady, you can cancel the appointment at the beginning of the date. There is a travel allowance of 30 euros. Just call us, we always strive to provide an alternative at short notice.
3. How long is the journey time?
As a rule, you can expect to arrive for 1-2 hours after our confirmation. We will always tell you the exact time by phone. Please keep in mind that the lady has to get ready for the date and depending on the time the traffic situation plays a role.
4. How soon do I have to book?
The sooner you book, the more likely you are to get a date with your favorite. The ladies often follow a normal job or study and operate the Escort London Service as a side job. Even if you may not know the exact time, because you are only in a week in London, you can still book and set the time frame, for example, between 19 and 21 clock. In general, you can also book spontaneously, of course, at the latest 1 hour before the scheduled date.
5. How is the payment done?
Please hand in the beginning of the date the appropriate euro sum in an open envelope to the lady. If the date is outside of Berlin, the date can take place only after a down payment has been made.
6. Can I extend the date spontaneously?
You can also book the lady to get to know for an hour and extend it on the date in which you tell the lady. However, please tell us before the appointment how much time you have planned approximately and that you would like to extend with sympathy. Because in the meantime, should a new booking arrive and you have not told us anything, the lady can not extend it.
7. What about discretion?
The ladies visit you always discreetly, unless otherwise expressly desired. The desire to discretion is here from both sides desirable, ie even if you go with the lady in the restaurant or to an event, she also wants to preserve the appearance of a normal date. Please remember to draw attention to special circumstances such as a backyard, side wing or other, so that the lady does not have to look far.
9. Bookings via online form or by email?
Please only for long-term dates that take place in the earliest 2 days, please fill out the online form and we will contact you.
11. What happens to my data?
All data will be used exclusively for the booking and deleted after a successful date. Unless you expressly request that you no longer have to submit data for regular bookings.
13. Can I make a personal phone call with the lady before a longer booking?
Basically, this is not possible because the ladies just for the reason, not having to worry about the organizational, have decided for us as an escort agency. We have a lot of requests every day, but if you are seriously interested in booking for a longer period of time and make it dependent on a telephone call, we can arrange this with an upfront payment of 50 Euros. This will be fully refunded for bookings over 8h.
18. Is it conceivable to book the escort lady for a cozy TV evening with food and tenderness?
Of course, you wish the full Girlfriend service and we recommend you the right lady for a cozy evening for two

FAQ London Escorts

by London Escort Agency